Friday, December 13, 2019

Elections 2020

Elizabeth Warren takes on Democratic rivals on fundraising in speech

Elizabeth Warren took an unusually aggressive stance against her moderate rivals for the Democratic nomination in a speech billed as an economic address on Thursday.


10 housing markets expected to outperform in next few years

Dallas-Fort Worth has made it onto the list of U.S. markets real estate agents expect to be the best in the country in the next few years.


Congress recognizes Armenian genocide amid tensions with Turkey

The Senate adopted a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide, following House approval of a similar measure, despite opposition from President Donald Trump’s State Department on concerns that it would further complicate ties with Turkey.



2020 NFL mock draft: First-round projections

The Tank-for-Tagovailoa Dolphins are now a win away from knocking themselves out of the top five.

Is Michael Deiter’s demotion a Dolphins teaching tool or sign of trouble?

Does the rookie offensive guard, who had started every game he’s played in since his high school days until Sunday, need a slice of humble pie?

Agent Scott Boras on Orioles’ Chris Davis: ‘I’m always concerned when a player’s not performing’

Baseball super-agent Scott Boras made an extended metaphor about major league teams as different species of birds Tuesday at the winter meetings, but his comments on one bird in particular — Orioles first baseman Chris Davis — were straightforward.

Phillies need to reel in Anthony Rendon, another client of agent Scott Boras

With third baseman Anthony Rendon and starting pitchers Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg, Boras has the three most high-profile players on the market.
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‘Food pharmacies’ in clinics: When the diagnosis is chronic hunger

There’s a new question that anti-hunger advocates want doctors and nurses to ask patients: Do you have enough food?


‘Knives and Skin’ review: A girl, gone, and a Chicago filmmaker’s eerie pursuit

A film of slow dissolves and lots of ironic pinks, tinged with darker, crimson hues, Chicago filmmaker Jennifer Reeder.

Auto Trends

Under the Hood: Trouble with lock system

I have a 2013 Ram 1500 with power locks, and a lot of other options.

Tesla on auto-pilot collides with Connecticut state police cruiser

Police said the operator of the Tesla stated that he had his vehicle on auto-pilot and explained that he was checking on his dog, which was in the back seat prior to hitting the vehicles.

The least popular car in America is practical and affordable. So why isn’t it selling?

The company is introducing a new version of its 500X crossover. Dubbed the 500X Sport, it boasts a front and rear facelift and revised interior trim. But is it enough to stop the brand’s sales slide?

Motormouth: Make sure your tires are properly inflated in the winter

By Bob Weber Chicago Tribune (TNS) Q: I have had several Hondas, and the same situation has existed with each. When the weather changes from...