Where has Julio Iglesias been? The singer shuts down speculation with one Instagram post

Julio Iglesias performs at the Royal Albert Hall on May 13, 2014, in London. (Samir Hussein/Getty Images/TNS)
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Daniel Shoer Roth Miami Herald (TNS)

The legendary Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, the best-selling Latin artist in history, was forced to flashback to his youth to dispel rumors about his supposedly fragile state of health. Iglesias’ health had been the subject of much speculation because he has been staying out of the public eye lately.

At 77, he made a revelation on Instagram of a little-known fact in his biography, which transported his thousands of followers to the 1960s, when Iglesias was 19 years old.

Underneath the photo of him as a young man in a bathing suit on a beach in the seaside town Peníscola in eastern Spain, Iglesias said that at the age of 19 he was found in a hospital “almost lifeless and with very little hope of being able to recover. ”


At the time the photograph was taken, young Iglesias had been recovering for two years from a car accident and was an athlete; he swam six to seven hours a day. It was then that he started writing songs.

“In this photo I was recovering little by little from the accident,” said Iglesias. “My soul and my head gave me enough strength to continue living. I was a natural athlete and surely that helped me a lot in my recovery.“

That episode in his life was a lesson.

“Learning to learn has been the most important thing that has happened to me in all this long journey,” he commented.

From there, Iglesias took a great leap in time to his current reality to explain what is going on with his health.

He confessed that, logically, due to his age, “my back hurts as it always has, of course I have less strength than before.”

Then he drew a parallel with the anecdote of his youth: “Of course I am going to turn 78 years old and even a great athlete cannot be asked to do sports at 78 years old in the same way that he did at 20.”

Iglesias thanked his “splendid” family and his wife.

And with elegance he responded to the gossip in the world of entertainment surrounding why Julio Iglesias is never seen.

“I am how I should be for the age I am at and if I have to tell the story of my life, no one is going to tell it with more certainty and better than me,” wrote the artist, who last year suffered a fall that affected his ankle and right leg.

“Nobody knows one’s life better than oneself and it is what you have done in life that is truly important,” he concluded.

Regarding his age, he recalled in another message he posted on Instagram on his last birthday that “when I wrote ‘33 years’ I remember my father telling me: ‘You are wrong, 33 years is not half of life.’ My father died at the age of 90 and I am already 77 tomorrow. My father was right.”

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