Canadians urged to hold virtual Thanksgiving celebrations as COVID-19 cases surge

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
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Canadian Health Minister Patty Hajdu on Tuesday called on Canadians to hold virtual Thanksgiving celebrations this year when COVID-19 cases are surging in the country.

At a press conference in Ottawa, Hajdu said she understands that Canadians want to spend the national holiday with family but reminded them to consider the risks of getting together in-person.

She added that saying no to spending time with friends and family is an act of love amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Canada’s daily cases of COVID-19 continued to increase, with an average of 1,951 new cases reported daily during the most recent seven days, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada on Tuesday.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the country reported a total of 170,945 cases of COVID-19, including 9,527 deaths, according to CTV.

Tuesday morning, out of the 10 provinces and three territories in the country, Quebec province reported 1,364 new cases of COVID-19 and 17 new deaths, while Ontario province confirmed 548 new COVID-19 cases and seven deaths.

As daily cases started to trend upward, there is an argument that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed, because hospitalization numbers weren’t moving with them.

However, medical experts said hospitalizations are known to be a lag indicator. When case counts increase, it is a week or more before hospitalizations move in the same direction.

Hospitalizations in Ontario and Quebec reportedly tripled in recent weeks while British Columbia’s hospitalization number quadrupled in September.

Over the past week, there was an average of 613 COVID-19 cases in hospitals on any given day and 16 deaths reported daily, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada on Tuesday.

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