Slovenia reduces cap on gatherings from 50 to 10

Image by Rubén M. i Santos from Pixabay
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The Slovenian government reduced on Wednesday the number of people allowed in public gatherings from 50 to 10 to curb the spread of COVID-19, according to the government’s announcement.

The government has been warning for weeks that large gatherings would exacerbate the risk of spreading the coronavirus, said government spokesman Jelko Kacin, adding assemblies of up to 50 people will be given greenlight only if the organiser keeps a record of all the participants, featuring their names, addresses and phone numbers. The organiser would have to keep the list for a month.

The government seeks to facilitate contact tracing for the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), which is operating close to its limits, said Kacin.

The restriction will apply to private events as well, including weddings. Changes to the ban on gatherings do not apply, however, to the number of people in restaurants and pubs or on buses. Church masses are allowed.

Moreover, sports events including up to 500 participants continue to be given greenlight if the NIJZ gives a go-ahead. Stewards should be there to supervise implementation of precaution measures though, added Kacin.

Slovenia reported 24 new coronavirus infections over the past day, according to the latest official figures on Wednesday. The total number of confirmed infections now stands at 1,763, and the death toll remains at 111.

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