Saudi-led coalition intercepts 4 bomb-laden drones

MQ-1 Predator (Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
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RIYADH, /Xinhua/

The Saudi-led coalition involved in a war in Yemen intercepted on Friday four bomb-laden drones launched by Houthi rebels.

The coalition spokesperson Turki Al Maliki said in a statement on the Saudi Press Agency that the drones were targeting Saudi Arabia and three of them were destroyed in Yemen.

He said that the coalition forces are capable of tackling Houthi militia’s threats to protect civilians as per international law.

The Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir told a press conference on Monday that Houthis have carried out 1,659 attacks on Saudi Arabia in the past five years, using a variety of weapons, including 318 ballistic missiles, 371 drones, 64 explosive boats, and 153 naval mines.

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