US’s Green Party nominates Howie Hawkins as presidential candidate

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The US Green Party nominated Howie Hawkins, 67, as its candidate for this year’s presidential elections. In October last year, the US Socialist Party also nominated him. By doing so, Hawkins plans to unite the efforts of the minor left parties.

The New York unionist has no chances to win the election, but he can theoretically influence the outcome of the standoff between incumbent President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, who are supposed to be officially nominated as candidates for the Republican and the Democratic Party, correspondingly.

Previously, Hawkins ran for various offices for 24 times – from Syracuse city council to New York governor – but failed every time.

“Our country needs the Green Party now because we’re living in a failed state,” the politician said Saturday, pointing at the economic inequality, the federal response to the coronavirus and policies that do little to address racism. According to Hawkins, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats managed to provide affordable housing, jobs, and opportunities to the Americans across the country.

Hawkins chose African American Angela Walker, an activist, labor organizer, and bus and truck driver as his running mate. During the 2016 elections, she was the running mate of the Socialist Party candidate.

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