Turkey calls for int’l solidarity over refugee issue on World Refugee Day

Image by Hüseyin Sevgi from Pixabay
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ANKARA, /Xinhua/

Turkey urged the international community to cooperate on the issue of asylum seekers on Saturday, marking the World Refugee Day.

“We hope that the World Refugee Day will lead to a period, where the number of refugees will decrease, durable solutions both in terms of quality and quantity will increase and further solidarity with these people and host countries will be displayed,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

It also stressed that the COVID-19 outbreak has worsened the conditions of the refugees, calling on the international community to provide asylum seekers with rapid and efficient access to basic services such as healthcare services.

“Improving the living conditions of refugees and asylum seekers and finding durable solutions to their problems are common responsibility and duty of the international community,” it said.

It added that all stakeholders of the issue should cooperate and share responsibilities in taking the burden.

Turkey is now hosting over 3.7 million Syrian refugees in its territory.

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